Full Service Wash

Our friendly Staff at Villa, will offer you a hand dried Exterior wash that is fast and easy, or our award winning Full Service wash while you wait.

Exterior Wash

- Pre-sprayed to remove surface dirt/ice/snow etc.

- Pre-Sprayed under wheel wells and around rims.

- Soft cloth, fresh water, gentle soaps, clean vehicle once on the conveyor.

- Rims and tires treated and cleaned.

- All of the exterior hand dried with clean, dry, soft cloths.

- Door jambs/frames dried to prevent freezing.

Full Service

In addition to the exterior wash you get:

- Rubber mats removed and washed/carpeted mats removed and vacuumed.

- Interior floors and seats vacuumed.

- Interior windows cleaned.

- Dash, console, cup holders, interior door panels all cleaned.

- Choice of air freshener.


- Foaming Polish Wax (helps protect your investment from the harsh environment)

- Rust Inhibitor (cleans and protects under your vehicle where ordinary washes cannot reach)

- Fully attended with professional courteous staff.

- Fast and efficient.

- SUV’s, convertibles and trucks are welcome.

only $18

$37 (car)
$39 (van/suv)

Polish Wax and Rust Inhibitor NOW INCLUDED WITH EVERY WASH
Trunk Vacuum: $2.00

Save with Wash Tickets



Interior & Exterior

Book of 10: $320

Book of 5: $170

Exterior Only

Book of 10: $170

Book of 5: $85